Kirkus Reviews

More kind words from reviewers: “A lively, humorous debut compendium of communication “don’ts.” In this highly readable debut, Lyles, a business-communication consultant with three decades of technical writing experience, documents the many misspellings, grammatical blunders, and ill-advised expressions that bedevil business writing and speech. The very short, self-contained essays make it easy to consume the […]

Portland Book Review

This five-star rating and review appeared November 1 on their website. The review for From the Errors of Others  appeared on our website as seen below. The book received 5 stars. Effective communication is a skill that everyone wants but can be hard to develop. In a collection of short, humorous essays, Rebecca M. Lyles […]

Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch October 2016  The Writing/Publishing Shelf From the Errors of Others Rebecca M. Lyles Archway Publishing 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161 9781480828476, $42.95, HC, 394pp, Synopsis: “From the Errors of Others: How to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes in Writing and Speaking” is an informative collection of crisp, witty, […]

Vapor-speak and Vaporware

Does anyone remember Vaporware? The nineteen-eighties were like the Wild West in software development. Small companies sprouted like crabgrass, each promising an amazing new product. Many of these startups didn’t last long. Maybe it was because they sold Vaporware. Vaporware was an idea or a half-developed program that didn’t exist yet. Some entrepreneur scraped together a […]

Raining on parades

To compliment someone, say that she loves everyone, she never met a stranger, or her smile would light up a room. The world loves cheery, trusting, optimistic people. Sadly, the Internet provides a vehicle for infinite ways to prey on those day-brighteners. People who always see the best in others. Who always believe the sun […]

Insulting with pronouns

Pronouns (he, she, it, they, his, her, its, that, them, this, for example) are useful shortcuts. They allow us to avoid saying: Sir William Willingham Shropshire has assumed leadership of The International Institute for Global Peace, and the annual meeting of the International Institute for Global Peace was held at the estate of Sir William […]