Services Include Writing, Editing, Grammar, Flow and More


What can Text CPR do for me?

Edit your document, based on its audience and purpose:
  • Clean up grammar, punctuation, sentence construction
  • Improve word choices, tone and voice, logical flow
  • Condense, tighten, remove repetitious content
  • Suggest other developmental improvements
  • Format with your company style, logo, color scheme
  • Create online courses, with glossaries and quizzes

Write new documents, based on audience and purpose description, with raw material you supply. Rough notes, presentations, or content in other forms. Convey your message in the form you want, in the voice you want, and with the results you want.

What does Text CPR not do?

  • Write or edit academic papers to be graded as the work of someone else
  • Create original graphics. A special talent we admire and leave to those who do it well
    (we can recommend a good graphic artist).

Email to discuss your writing and editing needs.