Terms and Conditions of Use of TextCPR Website

Terms and Conditions

Text CPR, LLC, is engaged for stylistic and grammatical composition and editing of written material presented by the client. Cost estimates are based on the length, condition, quality, time requirements, and level of service requested.

Prompt payment is expected upon delivery of small projects and a deposit may be required on large projects.


Although Text CPR takes great care to accurately interpret the client’s intentions, the client is ultimately responsible for all content it publishes. The client should always review the final copy before publication.

Text CPR, LLC, is not responsible for:

Content or accuracy of any material edited or composed, based on information supplied by the client.

Defamation resulting from material supplied by the client.

Violation of copyright, patent, or intellectual property rights in material supplied by the client.

All such matters are the sole concern and responsibility of the client, who agrees to hold Text CPR, LLC, harmless from liability to any third party.