Happy Clients

Fred F., Consultant - Author - Journalist - Speaker - Trainer

The editing services from Rebecca Lyles were exactly what I was looking for and the work she did for me was outstanding.

My expertise is in business and investing, but I love to write and am happy to receive all the writing help I can get. Most of my previous books are non-fiction trivia books, such as Investment Trivia, but for my latest book, a mystery called Beach Detective: Exploding Surfboard, I figured that I needed an expert's review.

The report she presented to me was thorough and complete, far exceeding my expectations. Not only did she provide the basic editing of finding spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, she pointed out overused words, unnecessary colorful words, continuity issues, and even clichés. Every change to the manuscript was pointed out in the Summary, showing the line number, the "Before," and the "After."

The best part about Rebecca's services is that I learn from her advice. If you need an editor, Rebecca is your go-to person.

Kent R., EdD, University Professor, Pepperdine

My co-author and I were needing someone to help clean up a finished textbook manuscript to be submitted for publication. The content of the book was in OK shape, but it was in desperate need of being simplified in terms of presentation, tone and language. Rebecca took that 500+ page manuscript and turned it into a polished, submission-ready work, re-working everything from grammatical shifts to expertly rewriting awkward sentence structures to fixing graphs and charts. In the process, she relayed her progress as well as provided an ongoing summary of what she was doing with the text.

The final product wasn’t just an excellent textbook draft, but a detailed summary of what she had done and where changes had been made throughout. Her skill in working with the written word frankly exceeded our best expectations, but it was her eye for detail both in communicating with us and in providing a sort of road map for what she did that made an even deeper impression on us regarding her professionalism and quality of work.

Mike B., Novelist

Writer’s Digest award-winning author of six novels: Business to Kill For, Dead Air, Madison’s Avenue, G8, Kentucky Woman, Breathe.

Rebecca has benefited my writing in more ways than any other editor I’ve ever used. It has been my good fortune that she edited my last three novels of approximately 70,000 words each. Before this, I used other professional editors, but they simply did not bring the depth and diversity of editing skills that Rebecca Lyles brought to my writing.

She handles the basics of editing – the misspellings, inconsistencies, clichés, grammar mishaps, bad-word choices, illogical segues, and the like much better than my previous editors.

But most important of all, Rebecca brings a very important dimension to my writing. Her keen intelligence and ability to identify areas where the writing was less clear, or the logic didn’t flow. Then she offered ways to fix these problem areas. This helped greatly, because writers like me are often too close to the writing to see it with fresh eyes. Rebecca’s fresh eyes ensure clarity of communication. She even spent time researching and confirming the accuracy of a wide range of subjects, including highly technical and medical subjects in my novels.

The beneficial result of her editing skills has been smarter, better writing. And better writing means better books – as evidenced by better sales of the books Rebecca edited.

In brief, I believe Rebecca M. Lyles will bring more experience, intelligence and precision to your editing needs than any editor I know.

Steve R., Creative Services Manager, FileNet (acquired by IBM) — Jul 2005 – Mar 2010

In the five years I worked with Rebecca at FileNet/IBM, the organization benefited tremendously, as did my own professional development path. I always felt the quality of my work and my teams’ work was raised with her influence as was our sense of professionalism.

Rebecca drives for outcomes that zero in on the issues at hand, she cuts the clutter, and she refines the solution until it cleanly and concisely meets both the business and customer needs. Her mastery of content creation and editing removes any doubt and confusion by not only constructing words carefully but also empathetically considering who the audience is and what they want to accomplish or need to understand. She considers problems and challenges closely, zooming in on details while innately seeing how these details can benefit a solution or detract from it.

Rebecca elevates the work. One program in particular that I feel demonstrates Rebecca’s talent and expertise was Knowledge Now, which enabled other professionals to develop support and educational content rapidly. Support articles were notoriously cumbersome to create and lengthy and boring to consume. Rebecca immediately recognized an opportunity to refine the experience for both the subject matter experts and the audience. She methodically analyzed the needs of the audience and determined that what they really needed was an answer, so that they could fix their issue and “get back to work” as soon as possible. Using simple content templates and supportive creation guides, subject matter experts could quickly frame and furnish their content, that content could be promptly reviewed/edited, and then delivered to the audience with engaging, web-driven presentations that delighted viewers. Knowledge Now brought software support to an entirely new level for IBM, its partners, and customers.

Rebecca elevates people. She has a friendly and inviting demeanor that motivates all who she works with. She empathetically appreciates others’ needs and issues and strives for solutions that leave project team members and product consumers fulfilled. Team members feel appreciated and when a solution is delivered, all feel like they have taken part and given their best.

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